Project 365: Day 266

Only 97 days of Project 365 left – I can’t believe how fast this year is going.   This photo was taken in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  I loved all of the vibrant colors that surrounded me that day!


Blog awards!

Sometimes I worry that my blog is a little too… random?  scattered?  perhaps showing signs of ADD?  Because some days I blog about writing, others about scrapbooking, still others about the chaos of my household.  I often wonder, what is the purpose of my blog?

So you can imagine how pleased I was when C.B. Wentworth, a writer and blogger friend that I really admire, gave me a couple of blog awards – one of which is for being a “versatile blogger”.  Whew!  So it’s okay to blog about a lot of everything!

One of the rules when receiving these awards is that I must provide seven random facts about myself.  So, here you go:


  1. I studied international business administration in a Danish school during college.
  2. Then I returned to the States to get my bachelor’s degree in Geography.
  3. And never used either of these subjects in my post-college career, choosing instead to teach special education.
  4. And now I’m a romance writer.  How’s that for random?
  5. I’ve traveled in nine different countries.
  6. I’m married to a Welshman.
  7. I wear purple writing glasses.

And now I’d like to pass these lovely awards along to other very deserving bloggers.  Here are five new writing blogs that I have recently discovered and really enjoy following:

Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing.  Tawna Fenske is hilarious.  I haven’t even read her new romance novel yet, but it’s on the top of my list – and if it’s anything like her blog writing, it’s gonna be gooood

Wilde Life.  Lori Wilde was the instructor for my very first writing course.  Ever since then I have been in love with her books, and her blog is fun and full of good writing advice.

Grab A Pen.  I think I may have linked to Tahereh Mafi before, but she’s worth mentioning again (and again!).  Tahereh’s blog is always entertaining along with being chock-full of writing inspiration and advice.  Her first (highly anticipated!) book is coming out this fall.

The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills.  This blog is co-written by a number of published authors, one of which is my favorite Kristan Higgins.  What I love most about Jaunty Quills is all of the prizes that readers can win!

Journalize This.  Okay, this isn’t a new blog to me.  It’s actually one I’ve followed for a long time, written by my very good writing buddy Kristen Fairgrieve.  I just couldn’t resist because she’s already received the award once and now she’s going to want to kill me for sending it to her again.  Ha ha!  Hi Krissy! *wave, wave* How ya doin’?  🙂

Boundary Waters – a few more photos and a big thanks!

I am so floored by all of the lovely attention my Boundary Waters sunset photographs have received this week.  Thank you so much for the compliments!  A few of you have asked to see additional pictures from our trip, and of course I am happy to oblige.

Our first evening on Hungry Jack Lake was perfect – the weather was warm, the bugs were nowhere to be seen, and the lake was like glass.  It was gorgeous.

We canoed for a few hours, exploring every nook and cranny of the lake, and found the portage that we would use the next day for more adventures.  This was the position I held in the canoe for the entire evening – I think I could have slept in the little boat, it was that peaceful.

This photo and the next were taken with my little Nikon Coolpix.  I was afraid to bring my big D80 camera on our long day trip since the canoe was so tippy with three of us (uncoordinated) women getting around in it all day.  We never did go overboard, but a few times we were awfully close…

This was taken at our first portage site.  You can see my mom and sister trying to decide where we were on the map.  It wasn’t the last time during that day that we would wonder about our location!  After this photograph, we proceeded to paddle through the lake to another portage, then hiked about five miles (on an incredibly difficult path!!) to and from a gorgeous waterfall.  It was an exhausting day, but so very worth it. 

Meet “Sir Buddy Hungry Jack”, the lodge owner’s sweet little springer spaniel.  He was hilarious – he wouldn’t let go of this stick for anything!  Hours later, when he finally was distracted by a chipmunk for long enough to put down the stick, we tried to play fetch with him in the water.  When my sister tossed the stick in the lake, Sir Buddy just looked at us like we were crazy.  I guess he’s not much of a retriever, more like a… carrier?  Nonetheless, I became quite fond of Sir Buddy.  I think he will be a great character in one of my next books.

This little cabin was absolutely perfect for my mom, sister and I to share.  The view of the lake was delicious, and waking up to the sunrises was such a treat.  Speaking of sunrises…

Boundary Waters Sunrise

I’ve just returned from a trip with my mother and sister to Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota and Canada.  Our first morning there, we awoke to this gorgeous sunrise.  It was absolutely breathtaking.

home again, home again, jiggety-jig

I’ve been away for the past week, enjoying some time with my family in Door County, Wisconsin.  So much beauty and inspiration in one place!

While I celebrated the completion of a third round of edits on Book One, I also refueled and collected a lot of ideas for the setting of my next book.

Book Two was completed about eight weeks ago and is now tucked away in my desk drawer, waiting patiently to come back out for a round of editing.  The story takes place in a small town surrounded by gorgeous farmland.  I was thrilled to find this kind of setting everywhere I looked in Door County.

The heroine of Book Two drives an old Chevy truck from the 50’s, so imagine my excitement when we came across this treasure at one of the vineyards!

I had such a sweet time with my husband and boys – a whole week of nothing but relaxing and sunshine and fun.  Now I’m ready to dive back into my writing, and excited to move forward with Book Two.  I think I’ll go dig it out of the drawer now and let it enjoy some sunshine too.

{X} The Roman numeral for 10

Ten things currently on my desk:

1.  A brand new iPoint electric pencil sharpener with automatic stop – because my boys have way too much fun feeding pencils to the sharpener.

2.  The new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, with my favorite bookmark made by Dragonfly Adornments.

3.  A picture and note from my big boy that says “Mom, I just didint no I wud have you.  Your the best Mom.”  Love it.

4.  Twenty-two scrapbooks.

5.  A Shutterfly calendar full of pictures of my boys.

6.  A tiny seashell and starfish that we found during our travels in France last  year.

7.  Tulips.  My absolute favorite.

8.  A bag of Goldfish crackers – Xtra Cheddar flavor.

9.  A mini leather-bound Traveler’s Atlas and two globes.  We love to dream about our next adventure.

10.  A tiny handmade ceramic dragon that my husband (then boyfriend) brought over from his home in Wales. One of the few things he packed in his tiny suitcase when he moved to the States.  To be with me.  Forever and ever.  🙂 

Day 27 {globe}

{When you were little, did you ever play the globe game?  The one where you spin the globe, let your finger run over the countries and oceans, colors and bumps, until it stops on the place you will imagine traveling to?  Today my boys and I landed on Canary Islands.  I bet it’s sunny and warm there.  A girl can dream.}