About Bonnie

Hi, I’m Bonnie.  I’m an author of women’s fiction and a perpetual writing student. I love to share what I learn from writing classes, workshops, and books on the craft and thus enjoy blogging about writerly concepts such as plotting, outlining, and creating conflict. (Also butt-in-chair, shitty first drafts*, and being a pantser.)  You’ll also find plenty of references to things like wine, chocolate, and insanity because, as we writers know, this can be a tough profession (and we’re known to lose our marbles on a weekly basis).  Wine and chocolate help with this, and so do fellow writers who pick us up, dust us off, and guide us patiently back to our work.

No matter how long we’ve been putting pen to paper, writers know they always have more to learn.  We also know that being part of a writing community can make all the difference.  So use this site to connect with others, to ask questions, and to learn something new.  Pick a topic (even wine!) and have a look around.  Let’s lift each other up and learn together.

*Gotta love Anne Lamott.


Bonnie J. James’ contemporary romance novel JUST BREATHE is available through your favorite bookseller.