Little Details

Remember the book tote I featured in Want It Wednesday a few weeks ago?  This is a photo of the tote that I ordered from Gathered & Sown on Etsy – it arrived in my mailbox this week and I am so happy with it! 

I can’t get over the perfect little details of this bag – the stitching, the tag, the beautiful fabric, and such amazing quality.   I also had a chance to get to know Angie (creator and owner of Gathered & Sown) during the purchasing process and am so happy to have her new friendship.  Who knew that a book tote would also lead to a fun new friend!

Another goodie that arrived in my mailbox this week was an adorable pin cushion that I ordered from the wonderful Emma Lamb

Originally I wanted to purchase a gorgeous pillow from her, but considering how my boys toss pillows around this house and use them like toys, I didn’t want to chance having it ruined.  So I bought a little pin cushion instead, and it’s just so stinkin’ adorable!  What amazed me most when it arrived was how much Emma had paid attention to the little details:


Thank you Angie and Emma!  You are such creative and talented women!


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