Want It Wednesday – book and a bag

The last of our summer adventures are on the horizon and I’m gathering my books and magazines for a little R&R.  I usually try to stuff these reads into my purse along with snacks and sunglasses, wallets and some of the boys’ toys.  But this year my purse is small.  And my pile of ‘to be read on vacation’ is growing larger by the minute.  Time for a book tote!

I’ve been eyeing up bags like this from Angie Gordon’s Etsy shop, Gathered and Sown.  The colors, the flowers, the white stitching (I have such a thing for stitching!) … now if I can just decide which one I like the best!  They are all so beautiful. 


And one of the many books I plan to slip into the lovely tote?  Escaping Into the Open, the Art of Writing True, by Elizabeth Berg.  Here is a review from Amazon.com:

Elizabeth Berg (Talk Before Sleep) is a can-do kid. Forget the common wisdom–that writing is difficult and getting published nearly impossible without contacts or an agent. “What you need most,” she says, “is a fierce desire to put things down on paper.” And if a gentle nudge will help you on your way, well, Berg wishes to provide just that, cheerfully, with Escaping into the Open. For Berg, writing–and success–comes easily. In fact, she says, “What I like doing best is writing…. I feel like a drug addict with an exceptionally wise drug of choice.”

It is refreshing to come across a book so positive and friendly–even if a there is a little too much emphasis on the author’s own experience (did she really have to include a five-page essay by an envious friend and three pages of topics about which she herself has successfully written?). Still, how could one not appreciate a writing guide that espouses napping, eating chocolate-covered cherries, and standing by your “man(uscript),” and that likens passionate, risky writing–the only kind that’s worth anything–to great sex? Berg encourages her reader to look (and listen and feel) deeply, to learn from children, and not to let life interfere with writing any more than it has to. She addresses–sometimes with help from her friends–writing classes, writing groups, and the writing life. In a chapter called “If you’re a man, be a woman,” she offers up 30 pages of writing exercises. Berg is personable, whimsical, amazed by her good fortune, and direct. “There’s only one person who can stop you,” she says gravely at book’s end, “and we both know who that is.” –Jane Steinberg


7 thoughts on “Want It Wednesday – book and a bag

  1. C.B. Wentworth says:

    I am such a sucker for a cute tote bag, (I own entirely too many). And it looks like I may be a sucker for this one, too. It’s so pretty!!!!

    I’ve never read anything by Elizabeth Berg, but now I’m inspired to put her on my reading list. 🙂

    Btw, I absolutely love this series of posts. ❤

    • Bonnie says:

      Thank you! I love writing these posts – it’s so much fun! I got the book today, very excited to read it… and I ordered the tote as well. 🙂 BTW, congrats on being freshly pressed!!! How exciting!

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