Fill the Well Friday – Doodlemum.

Angie Stevens describes herself as “37, short, defensive, far too chatty for my own good, mother, noisy, chocolate loving and permanently tired.” 

But give her a sketchbook and ten minutes of peace and she also becomes an incredible artist, one named Doodlemum.

A mother of three young children, Angie keeps a busy household.  You can see in her daily sketches that there is rarely a dull moment in her day.  This is exactly why I find her so inspiring:  she uses her passion to reflect on the ups and downs, the crazy moments and the quiet ones.  She actually fills the well and finds replenishment by celebrating the chaos! 

Not only do I adore Doodlemum’s artwork and her daily representation of life and fun with children, husband and pets, but she is from a place very near and dear to my heart.  Living in the town of Swansea (Wales, UK), she is only miles from where my husband grew up and where his family still resides.  When I check in with Doodlemum’s drawings every day, I can hear the Welsh accent, see the lush scenery, and feel as though I am a little closer to our family in Britian.

Thank you, Doodlemum, for sharing your world with us!  And for connecting my family to a little piece of our Welsh home and heart every day.  Your blog and your talent are truly lovely!

Find Doodlemum’s daily delights on her blog,


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