Off the Hook

The Reverb10 community’s June prompt asks, “What can you let yourself off the hook for?”

It’s nearly halfway through 2011 – can you believe it?  We are 161 days into it, and I have to admit that I am exhausted with all of the projects I started in January.  Project 365, Counting Our Blessings, A to Z blogging, One Little Word, and writing, writing, writing…

There’s just not enough time for it all.  Not if I want to stay sane.  Not if I want to enjoy my family.  Especially now that my little ones are home full-time and ready to enjoy a fun summer vacation.  (NO summer projects for us!   We’re just having fun!)

So I’m letting myself off the hook.  Actually, I let myself off the hook about a month ago, but I’m putting it out here now so that I can stop feeling guilty.  Project 365 (a picture a day) and Counting Our Blessings (scrapbooking one page every day) have been combined.  I now have an album that is a combination of daily photos with scrapbook layouts, notes, and letters interspersed.  It works, it’s honest about our lives and how we spend our days, and it’s easy

One Little Word went out the window last month (sorry Ali!).  I just don’t have the time to make an extra scrapbook, but I am still holding my word close to me.  Every single day, I write and edit as much as I can.  Persevere is a word never far from my mind.

And blogging?  Well… you already figured that out.  I just can’t keep up with blogging.  A to Z was fun, but it drove me crazy!  I really don’t have that much to share, and trying to find something to write on here every single day was quite a challenge. 

Whew!  It feels good to let go of some things, to let myself off the hook.  I’m glad I’ve realized what I can and cannot do, and what is really most important to me.  Projects are fun and keep me busy, but I’ve realized my limit.  And I now have a very clear idea of what my priorities are.

So now it’s your turn – let go of the guilt and just admit it.  I promise it’ll make you feel better!  What can you let yourself off the hook for?

(if you’d like to answer this prompt on your blog, just leave us your link in the comments!)


3 thoughts on “Off the Hook

  1. KristenSays says:

    good for you!!

    i’ve been wrestling with the decision to close one of my businesses. i’ve known it’s the right decision for a while, but it’s still a hard one to make. and just last night i decided that this is it. june will be the last month for it. after all, my one little word is RELEASE. so i am letting myself off the hook!

    now get back to editing 😉

  2. C.B. Wentworth says:

    I always feel like I have to be busy with something or I’m wasting time. It’s my fatal flaw, but I’m slowly learning to let go. Time can’t be appreciated unless we sometimes sit and simply let it pass. My recent travels have reminded me of this very simple fact. While I still fill each day, I find I am moving with much less haste. I just hope I can keep this more peaceful attitude when I return home. 🙂

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