A day of status updates

I’m not a twitter(er?) or much of a facebooker(er?), but if I were, these are what my status updates would have been today:

8:30am – Sent hubby to work, big kid to school, house is clean, ready to work – Woo hoo!

10:45am – Just finished editing five pages of manuscript while little man’s at preschool.  Woo hoo!

12:30pm – Drenched from rainstorm, exhausted from hungry/crabby 4 yr old, but hanging in there!  Just finished editing 3 pages of manuscript while eating lunch.  Woo hoo!

2:30pm – Cleaned house, wiped wet doggy prints off carpet and floor… just finished editing 3 more pages of manuscript while little man’s resting.  Woo hoo!

4:45pm – Survived playgroup at my house with four little boys.  Wow?!

6:30pm – Fed my guys, cleaned up, settling down for scrapping project for client – (yawn) woo hoo…

9:25pm – Boys in bed, house is quiet, four scrap pages done for client (out of 20) – whew…

10pm – zzzzzzzzzzzz (woo hoo!)

(I’m too tired to check if I went over the 140 character limit… good thing I’m not a twitter(er)(er?). 


5 thoughts on “A day of status updates

    • Bonnie says:

      Ha! Yes, this is where the “Get a lot done, a little at a time” reminder comes in handy for me. I have to keep telling myself that little bits of work here and there really do add up to something bigger eventually!

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