{X} The Roman numeral for 10

Ten things currently on my desk:

1.  A brand new iPoint electric pencil sharpener with automatic stop – because my boys have way too much fun feeding pencils to the sharpener.

2.  The new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, with my favorite bookmark made by Dragonfly Adornments.

3.  A picture and note from my big boy that says “Mom, I just didint no I wud have you.  Your the best Mom.”  Love it.

4.  Twenty-two scrapbooks.

5.  A Shutterfly calendar full of pictures of my boys.

6.  A tiny seashell and starfish that we found during our travels in France last  year.

7.  Tulips.  My absolute favorite.

8.  A bag of Goldfish crackers – Xtra Cheddar flavor.

9.  A mini leather-bound Traveler’s Atlas and two globes.  We love to dream about our next adventure.

10.  A tiny handmade ceramic dragon that my husband (then boyfriend) brought over from his home in Wales. One of the few things he packed in his tiny suitcase when he moved to the States.  To be with me.  Forever and ever.  🙂 


6 thoughts on “{X} The Roman numeral for 10

  1. CTL says:

    What a clever X post! And it seems like you have quite the busy desk. What are you doing with 22 scrapbooks? I would never get any work done if I were you!

    • Bonnie says:

      ha, thanks! I am such a nerd when it comes to gushing over my husband… I just love our story. 🙂 Is your name Welsh? I have to ask him to pronounce it for me so I can hear the accent with it…

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