Some of you may have read earlier about my curiosity with quilting – and actually with the whole sewing on fabric thing (hey, that egg is doing a fine job as my pin cushion!)  Today I thought I’d take another baby step and play with fabric a little on one of my scrapbook layouts.

The fabric comes from a charm pack from Moda, called Sunkissed by Sweetwater. 

It’s full of bright happy colors and patterns that perfectly match some photos of my little man eating a purple popsicle. 

First I used the beast to sew the fabric together in one long strip, then actually adhered it to my layout and sewed paper over the edges.  I really like how it turned out! 

It’s fun to have the different textures and the cozy feeling that fabric gives along with the crispness of paper.  

It really doesn’t matter what material I use – I just love the stitching part! 

A few days ago I tried my hand at making this coaster with the Sunkissed fabric.  It was fun!  But it’s so pretty that I don’t want to use it now – I feel like I should slip it into a plastic sleeve in my scrapbook album to keep it clean and safe! 


7 thoughts on “{Q}uilting

  1. Shelly says:

    I love your A to Z project. I’ve been reading each day as it’s delivered to my email inbox. Thought I’d just pop on here and say hi though, and thank you for the inspiring scrapbook ideas today. I’m working on a 1st year baby scrapbook for a friend, and I love the way you sewed the fabric into the page … I might try something similar to your “technique” for one of my layouts.

    • Bonnie says:

      Yay! Thanks, Shelly! It’s always so nice to hear when a bit of my creativity has inspired someone else. I love baby scrapbooks – I hope the one you are making is going well! I’m also glad to hear that sewing fabric on paper scrapbook layouts is an idea that’s not too strange to try out – you should have seen the funny looks my husband gave me when I was creating!!
      As always, I’m loving your photos – they are so beautiful, especially as I watch more snow fall outside my window… 🙂

    • Bonnie says:

      Thank you! I’m crazy for stitching on scrapbook pages – it always seems incomplete for me without a little stitching. 🙂 Have you tried hand stitching on pages? I do that more often than using the sewing machine – it’s more fun!

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