{O}ne year later

This year my birthday included lots of fun and celebration with family and friends.   I’m so grateful for another healthy and happy year.  When I went to tuck my birthday cards away this afternoon I found this:

It’s a small scrapbook I made when I turned 33.  It’s full of journaling, a photo of me on my birthday, drawings from my boys, and the birthday cards I received. 

On the last page I found this journal entry that I included the day before I turned 34:

April 5, 2010 Monday – It’s nearly one year later!  And my, oh my, how time has flown.  I turn 34 tomorrow and begin another year.  I wonder what the next year of my life will bring?

Age 33 was very good to me.  My boys grew like weeds and remain healthy and strong.  They definitely keep me on my toes and make every day eventful!  It’s amazing how fast they are growing and changing.  I love every minute with them, even when they are driving me bonkers!

Kerry and I are celebrating 11 years together.  I feel like I’ve known him forever, yet I can’t believe we’ve been together for so long.  Our first days together in Denmark seem like a lifetime ago!  We are happy and healthy and still so inlove, and I’m so thankful to be married to my best friend.

Staying home with the boys remains my favorite “job” in the world, and now that I have a few more hours to myself I’m adding “writer” to the job description, too.  I began a brand new novel in January and it’s already finished!  Onto editing and revising, and thinking about publishing.  I have a dream of staying home and being a writer, and as Kerry says “You won’t know unless you try – the worst that can happen is nothing!”  So I am trying!  And having fun too; writing stories is so interesting!

For a while I dreamed of being able to use my scrapbooking skills as a means to work from home, but I never found that the answer.  I guess life doesn’t always hand us exactly what we want, but often the alternative is an even bigger and better answer.  Only time will tell!  But no matter what comes next, I am forever grateful for life as it is right now.  It is absolutely perfect.    – Bonnie, age 33 and 364 days  

love this – love reading back over all that I was thankful for – and still am.   ©


4 thoughts on “{O}ne year later

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    I loved this. You really need to turn it into a biz. Thanks for sharing such a personal story. You and Kerry are so great together.

    • Bonnie says:

      Thanks, Jackie! I actually did have a scrapbooking business a few years ago but realized that I enjoy scrapping my own pictures and memories a lot more than other people’s. And when I did projects for others I didn’t have time to do my own any more. So now I just scrap for myself and my own bliss, and I make time for my writing too!
      And yes, I sure adore my hubby. 🙂 Did I read that you’re newly married? Congrats!

  2. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I wish I could be more creative. What I found others did was this for scrap booking. My sister said come over to my house Friday night with all of your (stuff) and at least 7 photo’s and a theme idea for your scrapbook. Bring your own photo album. Then she would discuss and show ideas and share her stuff. It was so successful she did it once a month for a year with the same people then adding more and more. 🙂 Just my story.

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