Sometimes decorating my notebooks is just as fun as putting words in them.  If you ever have a hard time getting yourself to journal or do any other type of writing, try adding photos, drawings, or other personalization to your notebook – it really does make you more excited to put pen to paper.

This is one of my favorite notebook creations.  I love the quote on the bottom – “Treasure Life’s Little Moments”.   Sometimes it’s the little moments that seem to make the biggest differences in life.


5 thoughts on “{N}otebook

  1. Anne K. Albert says:

    Your notebook is absolutely lovely! Yesterday I had a computer malfunction, lost a lot of my current WIP, and rather than tear my hair out, I reached for an old notebook and started to write longhand. It would’ve been SO much more fun to have one as gorgeous as yours!

    • Bonnie says:

      Thank you! I love to journal, every morning I get up early and write three pages just to clear my mind for the day. Anything that comes to mind, I put it in the notebooks. I also like to write out things that I’m grateful for, it always makes me appreciate life so much more, especially when I’m feeling crabby! 🙂

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