I suppose it’s a good thing when I feel this guilty. 

I didn’t write yesterday – not even one word on my manuscript – and it’s eating me alive.  Why do I skip the writing when I know it’s going to bother me so much?  But like I said, guilt can be a good thing, a very good motivator.  Today, I’m quite obsessed with getting to my writing, with churning out at least 1500 words even if they are total crap.  Gotta start somewhere, right?  And gotta get rid of this guilt.

If I don’t write every single day, I feel guilty.  If I sleep in one morning and skip my 6am writing time, I feel guilty.  If I skip a whole weekend because we are on a family trip, I feel incredibly guilty.  What about you?  How often do you write?  And when you skip your writing, how does it make you feel?


3 thoughts on “{G}uilt

  1. TRR says:

    You can’t beat yourself up so badly. You have a family and a life outside of writing. I understand the guilt. I’ve written two novels and both were extreme exercises in discipline. But sometimes, whether it be voluntary or not, the writing isn’t going to happen. You have to be flexible. You’re passion is incredible and you have accomplished so much already! Cherish that! Don’t let the guilt overtake you. Just plan to write then next day. You only live once! 🙂

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