{C}reative Characters

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about knitting.  And quilting.  And cake decorating.  And photography and dancing and flower arranging.  I’ve even read quite a bit about singing, and I can’t carry a tune to save my life.

It seems that many authors in the romance genre have figured out that, in addition to a good love story, we really enjoy reading about the lives of creative characters.  Lori Wilde, Nora Roberts, Rachael Herron, Ree Drummond, and Debbie Macomber – just to name a few – have all recently published novels with characters who love to dabble or enjoy a profession in the creative arts.

I’m glad to see this trend because Ella, the main character of my first novel, is a designer.  She spends her days creating beautiful albums, helping others capture memories of life and love (while she longs to have a love of her own, of course!).  Here is a brief description of her story in Everyday Love:

Everyday Love

Popular designer and blogger Ella Washington finally has a comfortable and peaceful life and is determined to keep it that way. She adores her career, works with her hilarious best friend, and takes care of her aging grandmother, the only family she remains close to. But when the father who abandoned her twenty years ago passes away and leaves his immense unfinished estate in her name, and the demanding and sexy contractor Joseph Armstrong comes with the package, Ella’s life remains anything but peaceful.

Through Ella’s witty blog, which begins each chapter, readers are given a glimpse of Ella’s creative world and the ties that it has to her rollercoaster life. Despite the fact that Ella wants to sell her father’s estate immediately, she has little choice but to hold onto it and, in turn, must get to know Joseph and uncover what he knows about the father she despises. As Ella discovers who her father really was and finds herself falling for the handsome and determined contractor, she uses her entertaining blog as an instrument to help herself, and her readers, realize life‘s lessons.

Orbiting Ella is a cast of hilarious and witty characters including her sarcastic best friend, a handful of Ella’s nosey students, and her aging grandmother. It takes their wise advice, guidance, and a trip down memory lane in her father’s old estate for Ella to discover the true meaning of love and forgiveness.


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