{the beast + the fabric = an egg?}

Yes, it’s an egg.  I know, I know!  You were probably expecting something a little more exciting, but… baby steps, all right?!

I actually started out with ambitions to create something like this for Easter, a whole bowl full of them – aren’t they adorable?  But when I finally finished with my one little egg, I was exhausted!  I have a brand new respect for those who sew fabric and create such magnificent things as blankets and purses and pillows (and bowls full of eggs).  I’m very thankful that my class next month is a beginning quilting class that will teach me the basics… and then I will definitely start with something small.  Maybe a pot holder?  🙂

So the egg – it started out well!  I followed directions, sewed the correct sides, pinned in the proper places, kept my fingers out of the way…

It looked a little weird here, but I kept hope.

I stuffed it plumb full, and, lookie!  A big… fat… lopsided… egg?  When I asked my husband what he thought it was, he shouted “Ball!” with tons of excitement because he was sure he had finally answered one of my loaded questions correctly.  Sorry, honey.  It’s an egg.

And now, it’s a perfectly egg-shaped pin cushion.  It’s what I was going for all along – really!


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