Today I promised myself a reward for writing.  See, I’ve been stuck for a few days, stalled out on a scene in my current WIP, and avoiding it by reading and journaling and … napping.  So when I wrote my morning journal pages at 6am this morning, I promised myself a reward if I could plow through this scene and just move on to the next, and hopefully get my daily 2,000 words in at the same time.

It worked.  I made myself hover over my laptop and type nonstop, promising that I wouldn’t judge or scold at how horrible the sentences were.  I wrote through the scene and spilled over into another, and another, surpassing the 2,000 word goal… and reading back through now, I find that it’s really not too bad.  It has potential, and I’m relieved.  In The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, she writes that “it is far harder and more painful to be a blocked artist than it is to do the work.”  I can certainly appreciate these words after my last few days. 

The reward, you ask?  I’m going to march myself right over to Fat Quarter Quilting and sign up for a class.  Yes, a strange reward, but hey – it worked!


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