Remember a few weeks back I had the urge to make a quilt?  And I thought I satisfied it by making a scrapbook layout that looked quilt-like?

Yesterday I wandered into a local quilting shop called Fat Quarter Quilting.  I don’t know why, but something inside of me insisted that I take a look.  When I walked in that door, I swear my mouth dropped open and I gasped so loud that the shop owner thought something was wrong with me.  I still can’t explain how the place made me feel – you know in the movies when someone has an epiphany or hits the jackpot on something they’ve wanted and the music in the background goes LAAAAAAAA!!!?  Like that! 

I think it might be really strange that a shop full of fabric and quilts has me feeling so… excited?  Like I want to go out and buy a fancy sewing machine?  And roll around in piles of colorful thread?  Of course, this is coming from the woman who thinks that sewing pretty papers together makes for a really fun evening.

And what’s more, it’s not like I need another creative project to work on!  I was just complaining to myself today that I have too many projects to keep up with as it is.  So why am I wanting to make a quilt!? 

I’ve spent the day trying to convince myself of all the reasons not to follow this whimsy, and of course it ended with me looking up which quilting class to take first.  So, if you’re patient enough, you might see a few new fabric creations made by me this month.  And probably a few blog entries complaining about how I can’t find the time to do my writing and scrapbooking anymore.  But hey, look at all the adorable things I could make!  🙂 


3 thoughts on “whimsy

    • Bonnie says:

      Very fun! And they keep me feeling creative, which always helps my writing. By the way, I hopped over to your blog – great stuff there! I can’t wait to explore more!

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