Day 21 {You might be a writer if…}

In the latest Writer Magazine I read an article by Lisa Shearin that really hit home.  It was a tribute to Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck if…”, only reflected in a writer’s version.  Here are a few of my favorites from the article:  You might be a writer if…

  • You have a favorite punctuation mark. 
  • You desperately want Crayola bathtub markers, so  you can write down the great dialog that comes to you in the shower.
  • If you didn’t have a book contract, you’d be writing anyway.  (I don’t, and I keep writing and writing and writing…)
  • When you’re not writing, you get a persistent twitch in your left eyelid.  (I really do have this – glad it’s not just me!)

Here are a few of my own:  You might be a writer if…

  • You’ve tried to run on the treadmill and simultaneously write down a sudden fabulous idea for your WIP.  Let me just save you some trouble – it doesn’t turn out very pretty.  Get yourself a voice recorder instead.
  • You think writing can be truly painful but have to do it anyway.  Every day.   And when you finish with a day’s work, you’re more pleased than if you’d won the lottery. (Okay, maybe a small lottery.  But still!)
  • You find it very annoying that you have to make time to eat meals in the middle of a writing spree and consider buying one of those helmet-feeding contraptions that can connect to a protein shake.  Or a chocolate malt from DQ.
  • You nearly cry when your favorite pen dies, and have a small ceremony before you lay it gently in the trash.

These make for a pretty funny list, but here’s the truth:   You are a writer if you say you are.  No one else can decide whether we are writers or not; we don’t have to be published or popularly followed on a blog to claim the title.  Only we know in our hearts if we are truly writers.  And if you are, like I know I am, then get writing!


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