Scrapbooking Marathon

I’ve finally made a scrapbook page of the trip to San Francisco and our adventures in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  The great thing was, when I finished the page on Sunday I thought to myself  this week I’ll call Heidi (BFF that I ran the marathon with) to ask for some of her pictures too.   Monday afternoon a card with San Francisco pictures arrived from Heidi along with an awesome letter that I added to the layout.  I swear we’re telepathic.  I love it when we connect like that – it happens all the time!

I’ve also been busy making space on my desk and in my schedule to begin scrapbooking on a regular basis again.  I have a lot to catch up on – like all of our photos of 2010.   My plan is to randomly scrapbook in the mornings and evenings when the chaos is unpredictable in our house (and I can go back and forth between my scrapping and housework/tantrums/school/playing/fixing meals) and then write for a few hours every afternoon (when the house is peaceful and “rest time” is in full force).  That’s what I love most about our office – our desk is gargantuan and I can leave my scrapping projects out and still have room to do my writing as well.  Thanks for the awesome desk, dad.


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