The Story of 2010

Every life is a story.  Whether it is a story worth telling and talking about, though, is up to you.”  – Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

As 2011 approaches, I’ve been taking some time to think about what I’ve accomplished this past year and what dreams I have for the new year.   I’m looking forward to building on this year’s achievements and to blogging about the adventures.   Back in January, the One Little Word I chose to represent my year was Story.  Just in case you’re new here, I’ve included something I wrote a few months ago about my Story of 2010: 

In January 2010, when it came time to make my New Year’s resolutions, I decided I was going to try a new approach.  In previous years my resolutions always started with a bang and then fizzled out by the middle of the year.  They were either goals that I wasn’t truly excited about, or ones that I just didn’t know how to accomplish.  A blog entry by Donald Miller inspired me to change the way I looked at resolutions.  I decided to focus on the bigger picture and create a great story for my life instead of just achieving a simple goal. 

Creating a great story entails a character wanting something and then overcoming conflict to get it.  It means deciding on a plot (something that the character wants), coming up with the catalyst (something that causes an important event to happen), and  envisioning the outcome.  Everyone can change their life story or add great chapters to it, and that’s exactly what I wanted to do.  After a lot of consideration, I decided to start with three new stories:  I wanted to get in shape, I wanted to travel, and I wanted to write a book.

I had no idea that writing out a new story for myself like this would be so rewarding.  I am very excited to say that I traveled around Europe over the summer with my family, ran a half-marathon in San Francisco in October, and I have completed a novel that I am very proud of.  And now I am in the process of training for my second half-marathon, and have sent my manuscript into the RWA Golden Heart Contest and to some publishers.  

I’m looking forward to adding some exciting new chapters to my life in 2011.  I hope you’ll start drafting a few chapters of your own and join me in living a great story!


4 thoughts on “The Story of 2010

  1. kimberlyloomis says:

    What a wonderful and unique approach, Bonnie! Your story sounds like its one filled with adventure, spirit, and a heroine with tremendous determination (and cardio). Thank you for re-framing the notion of resolutions and lending me something with which I can use more optimistically in the coming year.

    • Bonnie says:

      I just checked it out and added to my favorites – what an awesome blog! Thanks, Dawn!! You are a treasure yourself. 🙂
      Funny thing, I was wondering a few days ago what I would do with my “Bucket List” that sits in a dusty corner of my desk… now I have a great idea! Time for my own mighty list!

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