I Run To Be.

One year ago I was feeling pretty weak.  I didn’t have much energy, felt sick all the time, and could barely walk up the stairs in our house without wanting to fall over at the top of them.  Deep inside I wanted to feel better, I wanted to exercise and have energy again, but I wasn’t motivated.  And then one day a little thought crept into my mind that maybe it was time to change the story that my life was telling.

Call it coincidence, call it chance, divine intervention or just universal magic – whatever it was, it made my best friend decide out of the blue to invite me to run a half marathon with her in October.  Although I thought it was a crazy idea, an impossible thing for me to accomplish, I said yes.  And I began walking, then jogging, slowly and steadily every month until running eight miles was actually doable.  But 13.1?  I never imagined I’d make it through that.

On race day I not only made it through 13.1 miles, but I ran it fifteen minutes faster than my goal.  I charged up most of the hills, ran at a good pace, and pushed through the finish line feeling like a champion.  Who knew that I would actually enjoy running a half-marathon!

 I can’t tell you how awesome it was to run 13.1 miles with 20,000 women, one of whom is my best friend.  I thank my lucky stars that she persuaded me to try a half-marathon, that she cheered me on and convinced me (both months before the race and during it!) that I could actually do it.  Because now I not only believe her, but I feel so good about being in shape that I want to keep running.  I want to keep pushing myself to try new things that seem daunting or impossible.  This half-marathon proved to me that if I can run as far and as well as I did on that day, then I can do anything! 

The motto for the Nike Women’s Marathon this year was “I Run To Be”.   While I ran the half-marathon, smiling at the awesome scenery in San Francisco and feeling high from the energy of all the women around me, I thought about what the motto means to me…

I Run To Be…  healthy.  I run to be happy.  I run to be a better mom and wife and friend.  I run to be in charge of my life.  And I run to be proud of my story.


5 thoughts on “I Run To Be.

  1. Dagmar says:

    I Run to be healthier so I can be around for grandkids without hoping my girls have babies when they are teens….. 🙂
    I Run to be sane again! And yes I could go on! Glad you are enjoying too. It is soooo much fun, specially race day. Next Sunday morning while the NYC marathong is going on, I will run my Half Marathon in Dallas! Hope I will make it! Than next year another Half and a Full Marathon. But which……… 🙂

    • Bonnie says:

      I will be thinking of you next Sunday! You will make it no problem – you will breeze through the whole thing! And next year we’ll do this all over again, me a half and you can do a whole! 😉

  2. kimberlyloomis says:

    How inspiring. Thank you for sharing your tremendous achievement! You make me almost want to get out and try something like it. But, uh, not now. I need to start when I at least have the promise of doing so on dry pavement and not ice/frost/snow that will be abound within the month. 😉 Congratulations again, Bonnie. You rock! 🙂

    • Bonnie says:

      Thanks Kimberly! I know what you mean about the dry pavement issue – it was 20 degrees here this morning and I can just feel the snow and ice coming! I’m training on a treadmill this winter and will get back out on the pavement in the spring, planning to run another half marathon in Duluth, MN next summer. Maybe I can convince you in the springtime to join me in the training? 😉

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