Have I mentioned…?

Have I mentioned that I entered a writing contest?  And that the deadline to turn in the manuscript is quickly approaching?  And that I’m still fixing up the last edits and have to write the synopsis?  Yep!  Should really be working hard on that now.

Have I also mentioned that I have, oh – let’s say about 536 pictures of our European trip to scrapbook?  Let’s just round that down to 500, makes me feel a little better.  Should really be working on that too.

OH!  And have I mentioned that I have no less than eleven books in my to-be-read pile ?  It’s making a nice tower on my desk.  Yep!  Should find time for those too.

OR… instead of working on this here little list, how about we blow it all off for a few more days and go enjoy the beauty of the Fall season?  Yeah?  Okay!  I got a head start this past weekend.  It’s so much more fun than working on all these should-do’s.  🙂 

(P.S.  Let’s pretend you don’t notice my wrinkles in this last one.  I blame it on having too many items on my should-do list.)


4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned…?

  1. Bonnie says:

    Ohhh, you’re so kind! Thanks for not looking too close. 🙂 The pics were taken on the north shore of Lake Superior – it’s gorgeous up there right now!

  2. Denise J says:

    You are beautiful! Stop with the wrinkle nonsense!!! Awesome pictures! Wanna go take a few more in our area in the near future? Maybe some of the crazy boys playing in the leaves? I guess I’m saying that 536 isn’t quite enough to go through. 😉

    • Bonnie says:

      What’s another 100 pictures?! Once we get to this point, it doesn’t really matter… 😉 Boys in leaf piles are a definitely a must…

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