stories of summer

Like many of you, I’m suddenly finding myself in the whirlwind of summer.  The days are longer and therefore our family is cramming as much as we can into each day…  swimming lessons, baseball, playdates, beach time, a record-breaking amount of playground visits each week, and lots of time with family and friends.  This, as you can imagine, is leading to super fun days that also include exhaustion and meltdowns (not just from my boys, either).

Add to this my personal goals of writing every day (1,000 words per day – and I’m almost sticking to it!), training for a half marathon (slowly but surely…), and reading as much as I can squeeze in, and I’ve found the perfect way to make my head spin.   AND, because I’m crazy, I’ve recently added another project:  Scrapbooking my Stories of Summer

It’s an idea from Ali Edwards’ blog.  I take random pictures of our family every day in July and make a small scrapbook album that celebrates the big and little events that have made up part of our summer.   So far it’s going well – there have been plenty of things to take pictures of!  I’m having fun with it, and of course feeling overwhelmed with how quickly I need to work to keep up with the album.  But I did this sort of thing for the month of December and loved the result, so I plan to see this project through the end of July.  I can’t wait to page through the entire album when it’s finished (well, actually I can wait… I’d really like it if the month would slow down a little and let me catch up!)

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer days as well, and creating great stories with your family and friends!


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