dragonfly adornments

I am in so much trouble. 

I ordered a bookmark from Dragonfly Adornments and just received it today.  It’s so stunning that I can’t stop admiring it!  I’m trying to decide which of my books is the prettiest so that I can at least do the bookmark some justice.  But I want to see it in each novel I’m reading (there are five on my desk right now), so I might just have to order more to make it easy on myself.

Dragonfly Adornments’ owner and creator, Mara Olden, custom made this for me.  The gorgeous bead on the bottom is called an Opalized Quartz that she hand-picked during her travels in Arizona, and she used a technique called metal stamping on the copper tag.  I’m floored by how much work went into this gorgeous bookmark, how creative Mara is, and how reasonable the price was.

Mara also sells beaded jewelry and fused glass creations through her Etsy store, so if you’re not into decorating your books like me, you can decorate your home or yourself with her creations as well.  It’s all beautifully hand crafted, and a perfect gift for yourself and loved ones.  Enjoy!


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