five types of friends every woman should have

This last week I’ve been catching up with a lot of my favorite girlfriends over the phone, online, and in person.  All of their different personalities and all of the relationships that we share have made me realize something:  I am one lucky chick to be surrounded by these women. 

No friend can be everything we need in one package.  That’s what I love about these ladies – they all have different qualities that draw me to them, and they all fill a place in my heart at different moments and stages of my life.  If you think about the variety of friends you have, I bet you can put them into categories similar to mine:

1.  The Best Friend:  No need to explain this one!  We all know that the best friend has a bond with you that goes deep.  She’s the friend you tell your deepest secrets to and share your most embarrassing moments with – and she loves you anyway.  In fact, she loves you because of these imperfections.  The Best Friend has been there during the really important parts of your life, and you have an unbreakable connection with her no matter how far apart you live or how often you get a chance to catch up.

2.  The Good Ol’ Days Friends:   These are friends from the good old days of childhood, college, or your early adult years.   They knew you before you became the person you are today; they were there when you struggled and triumphed through the early lessons of life.  These friends are good at making your stomach ache with laughter when they start a sentence with “Remember when…?”  And although you may not see these friends for months or even years at a time, when you do connect again it seems that you pick up right where you left off before.

3.  The Crazy Friend:  I’m giggling as I describe this friend because we all have one, and they know exactly who they are!  Maybe you are considered the crazy friend for someone else, and let me tell you – we would be lost without you!  This is the friend who makes you laugh so hard that you snort, and acts crazy enough to make you blush (as you chant – “do it again!”).  She doesn’t care what other people think, she loves to be silly, and she is a heck of a lot of fun.

4.  The Mom Friend:  I am very blessed to have a lot of these friends right now.  As a stay-at-home mom with two little boys,  I really (and I mean REALLY) don’t know what state of mind I’d be in without them.  They understand our incessant need to talk about poopy diapers, sleeping problems, and temper tantrums.  These friends are the ones who we call when we’re up to HERE with our kids’ behavior.  We can swear, cry, tell them we’re drinking a glass of wine (even though it’s only one o’clock in the afternoon) and we will not be judged.  In fact, most times, they’ll chime in with their own horror stories of the day to make you feel completely normal again.  I’ve realized that these friends are also the biggest cheerleaders in our lives.  When we decide to follow our dreams or start an exciting but scary endeavor, they are often the first to support us and cheer us on. 

5.  The Group of Friends:  This is not just one friend, but a group of ladies that you have connected with.  Whether it’s through work, a hobby, or school, you rarely meet without the entire group there.  You all have an experience or project in common that keeps you close, and when you gather together it’s just one big party of laughs.  You all manage to talk at once and still understand the conversation, and somehow through the chaos of it all everyone feels they had their moment to shine.

While some friends fit snug in one category, some are a combination of two or more.  I don’t think any of these categories are more important than the others;  what matters most is that the variety is there, and that they all know how much they touch our lives.  So, to my wonderful friends – no matter which category you fall in – I want you all to know:  Life is a whole lot better with you in it.  Thanks, girls!


3 thoughts on “five types of friends every woman should have

  1. Denise J says:

    Where’s the @$$#()!& friend? You didn’t put me in there! Geesh B!! Nonetheless, I still love you and its agreed, life is better with you in it! XOXO


    thanks bon – I sure do miss you and when we ahve a house or a palce to stay I will call with updates – things are bad and crazy now I sure could use a Bonnie break and that glass of wine in the afternoon

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