cry baby

I’ve discovered that it can actually be quite embarrassing to write books in public.

Over the weekend I had a chance to visit the local Caribou Coffee Shop and do some writing for a few hours.  I thought it would be lovely – I found a perfect little place in the corner, a small table right up against the window.  It was quiet and warm, I had a tasty muffin to nibble on and a hot cup of cocoa to sip, and the rain was softly tapping the windows outside.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  It really was.

So with such a nice atmosphere to do some writing, you’d think I would have accomplished a lot, right?  Yeah.  I thought so too.  But then I tried to write a sad scene for my book… one of those scenes where the heroine’s heart is breaking and it’s all she can do to just keep herself going for even one more minute. 

Imagine a 30-something year old woman at a coffee shop, sniffling over her pen and paper, choking on her muffin every few minutes because she’s trying to eat and cry at the same time.  Imagine that she gets so overwhelmed by her ridiculous sadness that she has to stare out the window and blink 50 times in succession to keep the tears from blobbing down her face.  Imagine this crazy woman blowing her nose in restaurant napkins and wiping her eyes with her sleeves while she pretends that nothing unusual is going on.   I bet you can even imagine the stares that this attracted, both from the nearby coffee patrons and from the innocent people walking by that window.

Yes, that was me.  And I can tell you one thing, I certainly won’t be writing  emotional scenes in public anymore.


2 thoughts on “cry baby

  1. Denise J says:

    …and oh how I wish I was there… to giggle when you weren’t looking. OK, that’s not right. You know me. I wouldn’t have done it behind your back. Imagine me tapping on the window, pointing, making silly faces and giggling all the while! Love you Bonnie! Thanks for the laugh you big, mushy 30-something woman! One of the many reasons I love ya! 🙂

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