I’ve written a book!

 It’s been really interesting to see the reactions of friends and family when I tell them I’ve written a book.  Everyone has been excited and really supportive, which I am so thankful for.  Some of the most common responses have been “I didn’t know you were a writer!” (I didn’t really know that either, until I started writing about a year ago) and “I’ve always wanted to write a book!” (So did I, so I finally did it – you can too!) and the hardest for me to answer, “What’s it about?”. 

I have a really hard time describing my book to others.  I do realize that I better master that aspect real soon because if an agent or publisher wants to know about my book I should have a pretty good response handy.  So I’m working on that.  Obviously I don’t want to reveal too much here, but to answer that last question a little:  I will say that my book is geared toward women’s fiction.  It has hilarious friendships, a great romance, a lot of drama, and of course, scrapbooking.  Are you surprised?  If you know me well,  you shouldn’t be – how could I not add scrapbooking as a part of the main character’s life?  It’s a huge part of mine, and it’s also a big part of nearly one in four other women’s lives too.  I think it deserves a little attention, don’t you?


One thought on “I’ve written a book!

  1. Anne K. Albert says:

    Congrats on the completion of your book. That’s an accomplishment that few writers ever reach. Now…get writing the next one!

    Btw, if you watched this week’s Castle, he and his fellow author/poker players were giving the newbie author a hard time. I loved the line about finishing the first novel…then writing 23 more! 🙂

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