a country girl at heart

 Although I now live in the city, I grew up in the countryside surrounded by farms and graduated with 45 students in my high school class.  You could consider me a country-girl at heart.  So imagine my excitement when I discovered the author Michael Perry, who has written books based on his small-town upbringing and his current country-style life… I’ve been drinking up his stories with quite a thirst.

Michael Perry lives in the small Wisconsin town of New Auburn, not far from where I grew up.  He writes about towns and stores and scenes that I can picture perfectly, and characters that I swear I’ve met before. 

If my father were a writer, I think this is the kind of voice he would have in his books.  These are the kinds of stories he would tell – of the strange but hilarious neighbors, of the gardening and tractor adventures, and of the hunting misadventures with turkeys.  Perry’s writing is so familiar and comforting to me that I can’t get enough of his books (I’ve just finished Truck and have ordered Population 485 and Coop), and I’ve been recommending his books, website and blog to all of my friends and family.  

For more information on Michael Perry’s books, or to follow his blog, visit sneezingcow.com.   I mean, seriously – even the title of his website makes you want to read his work!


3 thoughts on “a country girl at heart

  1. Dr. Tom Bibey says:

    Hey kid. I’m a country boy, except now a very old one.

    Congrats on your book. It is a great feeling, huh? Mine, “The Mandolin Case,” is just now due for release. As far as I know, I am the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer. Come check out my blog if you get a chance.

    All the best from one writer to another,

    Dr. B

  2. Andrea Behn says:

    I met Michael Perry about month ago! We had a nice little discussion about who we knew in the English Department at UWEC. He’s so funny and a really nice guy. Apparently, he hangs out at Racy’s, my old stomping-ground. (I might need to stalk him.) I’m currently reading Coop, and I love it.

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