pep talk

Here’s a fun little layout I did a while back.  Nice colors, right?  Cute picture of the kids, cool layout, just overall pretty.   Now, keep this nice thought in your mind while I move onto something not so pretty:

Queries.  As in, sending a letter to literary agents and begging them to take a look at your manuscript. 

I’m just beginning the process, and I must say, it’s very daunting.  It’s swirling through my mind so much that I’m dreaming about queries every night.  Last night’s dream was pretty funny; I was at a conference and Ree Drummond, the blogger of  “Pioneer Woman”,  was lecturing the crowd about being persistant with sending queries and remaining patient for agent responses.  Her husband sat across the row from me, and he was taking scrupulous notes.  And then we all gathered around a balcony and watched about a thousand cows run below us while the cowboys tried to wrangle them up.

You’d have to check out Ree Drummond’s blog to *kind of* understand that one.  She’s one of my favorite bloggers.

Anyway.  I digress.  The point of my blogging today is really to pump  myself up about this whole query thing.  I know it can be a long process and I have to keep faith that the agent and publisher who are perfect for me are out there, just waiting to hear from me.   And I also know that this won’t happen overnight.  It took the hugely popular women’s fiction writer Meg Cabot five years to get an agent to represent her.  Five years!  Talk about persistant!  On the other hand, best selling writer Susan Elizabeth Phillips sent her first story synopsis into one editor, and presto!  She was in.  Now she’s an award-winning author, loved by millions.

Hopefully I’ll have more of Phillips’ luck than Cabot’s, but I’d certainly be happy either way!  Which concludes my pep talk.  Now I’m off to send more queries.  Wish me luck!


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