before and after

Since I started scrapping eleven years ago, my creative space has been pretty small.  It’s been in places like on my livingroom floor, on my bed, or tucked away in a little corner of the guest room or office.

Last year my father built a desk for our home’s office, and I got to design it with my scrapbooking needs in mind.  Let me tell you, what an incredible gift this was!  I love, love, LOVE this desk.  It holds so much, is super sturdy, and whenever I sit down at it I’m reminded of my loving, talented father.  I’m so thankful that he made this desk for me.

 And look at how he made the shelves big enough to fit my numerous 12×12 albums!  And how he made the cabinets just the perfect size for my tower of  stamp pads! 

I lo-ooove stamps.  Aren’t these stamp pads so beautiful?

You think I’m weird, don’t you. 

It’s okay.  This little guy understands my love for colorful stamps and paper.  He totally gets it.


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