You’d think I’d know better by now, but I still keep falling for it.  I sit down at my computer to write (or revise, as is today’s case) and I work for one minute and then suddenly I *must* do something else.  Like go empty the dishwasher, or get a glass of milk, or check the mail.  It takes me about three rounds of this must-do-something-else bug until I can get myself to settle down and actually get to work.

Today’s procrastination tactics were just as urgent, but thankfully, a little more productive.  I absolutely HAD to clean out my desk drawers once I sat down to write.  There was a small pile of pictures I hadn’t gone through in a few weeks!  There were a few pencils in the wrong place!  My writing tablets had to be organized! 

And then I found this.

It’s a 6×6 baby album.  I made it over a year ago, then apparently stashed it away for safekeeping.  Now I can’t put it back in the drawer!  It’s too pretty to hide away and it needs a home.  It’s just begging to be used, to be graced with pictures of an adorable little mushy-faced girl.  Would one of my friends please have a baby girl?  Pretty please?  Or perhaps one of my friends who already has a little girl could tell me that they have pictures and memories for this book that they haven’t already stashed away somewhere else?

Because this procrastination has to stop.  You would really be helping me out.  🙂


One thought on “procrastination

  1. Bonnie says:

    Thanks to my old pal Janette! She’s taking this little book off my hands – she has an adorable little girl (two of them, actually!) and lots of pictures that need a home! You rock, Jen!

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