blog it

It happens to me all the time:  I’ll be running around the house doing chores, chasing the boys, trying to cook – and I think of a great idea for a blog post.  Of course I don’t write the ideas down, because surely I will remember their brilliance in a few hours when I’m quietly sitting at my computer!

Yeah, right.  A few hours later I find myself sitting at my computer, twiddling my thumbs, staring at the ceiling, picking my teeth…  because I can’t think of one darn good thing to blog about.

So here’s my remedy!  I created it today, it’s going to sit on the end of my desk where I’ll have easy access to it, and whenever I think of something good to write about I’ll make a note in this cute little book.  Which means I’ll have no more excuses for not blogging.  

Hmmm.  No pressure there, huh?  Maybe I didn’t completely think this through…


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