notes of inspiration

Have you noticed it too?  How fears are a lot like highway billboards?   The faster you’re moving, the quicker they approach, the larger they get, and the more they block your view of what’s real and alive.  To the point that they tower above you, larger than life itself, giving  you pause and more reason than ever to turn around and retreat to safety.  Yet if you muster the courage to stay the course, in just a blink they’re behind you, put into proper perspective.  And then as quickly as they appeared, they completely vanish.    If you want to stay the course, then please, stay the course.”  – Mike Dooley, Even More Notes from the Universe

As an aspiring writer, I think that “staying the course” is one of my biggest challenges.  Writing a novel takes a lot of time and energy and effort, and even more persistence.  There are days when I wonder why I keep writing and often I fear that I’ll fail.  There are times when I feel like giving up this silly dream of being a published author and just putting my transcripts away. 

But.  But there’s just something in me that can’t stop writing.  That can’t stop finding the romance in everyone’s story and wanting to bring it to life on paper.  So even when those billboards are towering over me and shouting in big bold words give up!, I have to keep going.  I have to stay the course.

I find a lot of inspiration in Mike Dooley’s work – his words and ideas keep me motivated and on track.  If you want to sign up for his daily “Notes from the Universe,” visit his website here.


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